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    Come work with us!

    Based in Palo Alto, we have a amazing time creating a rich media messaging app that makes messaging beautiful, fast, fun, and free.


    We are at a very exciting time for the company, backed by leading funds and growing fast.


    To apply, email us at admin@invi.com


  • OEM Business Development China Lead

    Shenzhen, China

    We are partnering with Chinese Phone manufacturers to distribute invi in USA, Canada, India and Indonesia

    Title - OEM Business Development China Lead


    Job Description -

    Responsible for identifying and pursuing partnership opportunities with phone manufacturers and OEMs in Shenzhen, China. Success based compensation


    1. Planning - Deal forecasting and planning

    2. Independent - Identify, contact and enroll distribution partners for invi

    3. Proposals - Writing and presenting winning proposals

    4. Signing Deals - Fully lead the process of negotiating the terms and signing the deals

    5. Account Management - Managing the accounts and activity after signing a deal

    6. Relationship Building - Build relationships with phone manufacturers, carriers and OEMs

    7. Travel - Occasionally travel to make presentations and to close deals

    8. Reporting - Reporting on prospecting and deal status and communicate with us in California


    Skills and Experience -

    1. Experience with OEMs - Candidate must have experience in Business Development and close deals with phone manufacturers and OEMs. Preferably with companies such as: ZTE, Lenovo, Xiaomi, Huawei, HTC, among others

    2. Clear communication - Ability to effectively articulate (verbally, and in written form) invi’s offering

    3. Independent - Self reliant and has good time management

    4. Passionate - Loves to sell and create great partnerships that last

    5. Own an Android phone - Have an Android phone to demo our app

    To apply, email us at jobs@invi.com

  • Community & Social Media Manager

    invi Labs inc. – Palo Alto, CA

    We're looking for someone who loves social media and has experience managing a community. If that thats you, come work with us! This is an exciting opportunity to join right before we launch a new product! As a small startup company based in Palo Alto, We have a great time creating an awesome Android messaging app that brings plain old text messages to life by providing amazing user generated content.
    What you will be doing:

    • Managing content creators and artist pages
    • Posting on social media
    • Writing blogs
    • Customer support
    • Posting and creating Ads with our design manager


    • Must love love love social media!
    • Excellent communication
    • Creative and driven
    • Have a proven track record of successfully managing a large community on social media.
    • Must be able to come to the office in Palo Alto
    • Full time preferred

    Job Location:

    • Palo Alto, CA 94303
    To apply, email us at jobs@invi.com

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